"I am smiling..."

Oh, hello!

I am a PhD candidate in Statistics at the University of Toronto supervised by Professors Patrick Brown and Jamie Stafford. I develop novel methods for fitting complex models to large datasets using Bayesian inference. In my doctoral work, I have introduced a novel class of models, Extended Latent Gaussian Models (ELGMs), and demonstrated their application in spatial epidemiology, astrophysics, and other areas. My work is funded by an NSERC Postgraduate Fellowship - Doctoral, and I have been awarded the Faculty of Arts and Science's Doctoral Excellence Scholarship (article).

I have taught eight undergraduate statistics courses as a sole-responsibility course instructor at the University of Toronto, including a new course (STA238) that I co-developed with Professor Alison Gibbs. I have been awarded the Faculty of Arts and Science's Superior Teaching Award (article) and the Department of Statistical Science's Teaching Assistant Award (article) for my teaching work.

In the second year of my PhD, I was president of the Statistical Sciences Graduate Student Association, which represents about 70 doctoral and masters students to the department and the broader University community. I planned the 2020 Statistics Graduate Student Research Day at the Fields Institute, an annual research conference for U of T graduate students and international invited faculty, which was unfortunately cancelled due to COVID. I was awarded the inaugural Department of Statistical Sciences Student Leadership award (article) for this work.

Prior to starting my PhD, I worked in industry as a Manager, Statistical Analysis at Scotiabank and an Analytics Consultant at TransUnion Canada.

Before COVID, my band The Alex Stringer Electric Guitar Band, played a regular monthly gig at Grossmans Tavern in Toronto. We were once generously described by NOW! magazine as “playing tonight at 7 o’clock”. I love canoeing too. One of the highlights of my life was when I was canoeing across the bay at the Portage Store in Algonquin Park and one of the staff–whom I had never met–yelled from the dock "hey, you paddle just like Omer!". He was referring to Omer Stringer, a well known Ontario canoeist... who also happens to be my grandfather.


  • PhD, Statistical Sciences (2018 – present), University of Toronto

  • MSc, Statistical Sciences (2015), University of Toronto

  • BSc, Statistics (2014), University of Guelph