I work in computational statistics, focusing on the computational and theoretical properties of estimators computed using numerical approximations, which is a lot of estimators. Right now I am working on mixed models and additive models.


I supervise students in the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science at the University of Waterloo. Here's how to join my group:

Doctoral: do one of the following two things:

Master's: apply to the masters program in our department. Once you have been admitted and started your classes, you can email me directly, saying you're interested in me supervising your research essay. We will meet and chat, and if it's a good fit, then we'll go ahead. Any time up to and including February is ok. I take no more than 3 students per year, so if you get on it early you may have better luck.

Undergraduate: apply for MURA and/or NSERC funding, see the department website for the procedure. You can email me directly to ask me to supervise, or I may contact you if the department sends me your resume.


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Note: If you're looking at the presentations below, you should view them in "presentation" mode, because I make (way too) heavy use of the "pause" feature in Beamer, which only really shows up well in presentation mode. And the "handout" option which removes the pauses obscures some figures. Sorry!